Friday, June 13, 2008

Monkey on my back!

Just another reason I love Jan....he's a goof ball :-)

Jan and Cinthia's wedding and family reunion beach party

The days are flying by...soon it will be October 4th. The day our families and friends come together from around the world to celebrate our exchange of vows on the beach at 4pm (ish)

Our friend ,Sean Schoolcraft, is our pastor for the beach cerimony.
Chris Criswell is our best man
Meagan and Krystal will be our maids of honor

We're keeping this fun and simple, a day in the sun, food and drink all day long, playing in the water with the children, spending time with all our guests. At around 1600, we'll gather together at the edge of the water, exchange our promises and our rings, kiss (for a very long time) and continue to party!!

Later that evening we'll relax around a fire on the beach, making smores, and sigh of contentment, we've officially joined our family and friends together.

If you want more details, email me!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smoking is dangerous to you health and house!

Enjoy the smell of campfires?

We've hit yet ANOTHER first time experience together...see what
happens with a hot & sizzeling love life!